Thursday, 23 February 2012

Live on Talk Radio Europe!

People, yesterday afternoon I made my radio debut. I was invited to talk about this blog and migraines on The Hannah Murray show on Talk Radio Europe. It's official, I'm now famous in Spain. I was rather nervous, never having done radio before and the conversation ended up being a little more serious than I had intended but I didn't stutter or swear. Although I may sound like a 12 year old Head Girl, I feel pretty confident that I'm now ready to take on The Today Programme. Bring on Radio 4, John Hamphrys watch out...

You can listen to the interview below - thanks to the technological genius of Julian Blackmore (who is now bribing me to say he composes relaxing music which, he believes, can ease migraine - check out his website)

Listen to my interview/rant here: Talk Radio Europe Interview - Migraine Podcast

I would just like to add that some of that facts may not be totally accurate. I'm pretty sure GP's of a certain age weren't properly taught about migraines at medical school - and that it still doesn't get the attention it deserves. I know that organisations such as The Migraine Trust and the National Migraine Centre now run training days for GP's.


  1. thank your for the link.

  2. I admire your honesty on admitting that you still need improvement on discussing topics about migraine. We can always refer to other medical books, journals, and recent publications for references.


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