Sunday, 8 April 2012

Myth: Chocolate triggers Migraine

Happy Easter all!

Please read this lovely little headline piece by the National Migraine Centre debunking the myth that chocolate automatically gives everyone a migraine! It doesn't, unless chocolate happens to be one of your migraine triggers in which case it does...

The point is a lot of people blame chocolate for their migraine. Poor old chocolate. What usually happens is that a person will already be in the early stages of a migraine (the Prodrome stage) and might be craving sugar (hence eating chocolate.) They then develop the migraine and blame the chocolate, when in fact they were going to get the migraine anyway. You see? Developing a migraine is rarely a simple case of one blameable trigger, it's usually a sequence of events and several triggers combining. My I'm feeling educational today.

So, go gorge on chocolate. But I can't because I'm lactose intolerant. Isn't that interesting for you?!

Here is the link again:

In other headline news, I took Chipster, my Migraine Buddy, to the Vet yesterday and he has a mild heart murmur and the worst case of ear termites the vet has seen in ages!!! I just thought his ears were full of mud! Typical. I bet he'll be getting migraines soon....


  1. I want to see video footage of you cleaning Chipster's ears, as I'm sure it'll be hilarious.

    Also, I love Easter Monday for all the cheap chocolate. Have some Cadbury's for me!

  2. Hello. Happy Easter! Have had a migraine(s) since Thursday so decided to can the electro acupuncture. Have any MM readers tried sports massage? Tend to suffer from neck pain so wondered if this is a trigger or a symptom? Amanda

  3. Hey Amanda, so sorry you've had mega migraine! Well now the neck and migraine is my favourite topic! ha! I'll try not to go on too much. You know they're thinking about including neck pain in the criteria of diagnosing migraine as it's becoming so common during a migraine? For me, neck pain is my biggest, single trigger. Without question. So, I would ask if you've noticed your shoulders/back/neck ever getting stiff when you sit at work - and how the pain works in relation to the migraine? And do you have your desk/computer all set up properly? Proff MacGreggor writes a little about this in here into to Migraine Book which you can get on Amazon. She recommends (I believe) getting physio/Chiro - starting gently. So I wonder if you'd be better of finding a great physiotherapist who can help you with stretches/strengthening exercises which might help with shoulder/neck pain and tension if that's contributing too? Rather than getting a sports massage, which might help just relax you? I know lots of people really like sports massage and find getting one regularly helpful, be interesting to hear what others think? But long term benefit, if you're noticing neck pain would it be better to go 'pro' i.e physio? If you could get to london2/3 times I could give you my Phyios' details? She will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! She treats a lot of migraine patients, totally transformed my condition. You'd only need to see her once for her to be able to tell whether she could help you and then probably only 2/3 times after that. Also, often a lot of people go 'Oh I forgot that I fell off a horse/bike when I was younger and hurt my back' - i.e. have underlying back problem? You've probably already tried all this! But as you say it can be a vicious cycle - but without doubt neck problems/pain can trigger migraines so it's worth looking into. Ok, I'll shut up now! xxx


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