Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Living in Wales is bad for migraines but Australia holds the cure?!

Good people of the Commonwealth I have sad news. Living in Wales is bad for migraines. Rather appropriately, this devastating blow was delivered to me by a Welsh friend via a fabulous article in The Daily Mail. 

Apparently, living in a very windy place, such as Wales, can trigger migraines. So, where shall we migraineurs move to?

Well, let's not move to Norfolk Island, Australia. 12% of Australians suffer from migraines compared to 27% of the inhabitants of Norfolk. DNA was recently sampled from 300 of the Islanders, most of whom can trace their ancestry back to that famous Mutiny on the Bounty. Although this sounds slightly inbred (and the perfect setting for a sci-fi flick) it makes them the perfect scientific guinepigs. And indeed researchers at Griffith Health Institute have discovered "a new region on the X chromosome" that is playing a part in migraines - so says Professor Lyn Griffiths. This is highly exciting, even though I have no idea what it really means, as it could lead to a better understanding of what the hell migraines are, how to treat and diagnose them. So now I shall stop being rude about the Norfolk folk as they may hold the key to discovering more about migraine disease. But isn't it fitting that another part of the Commonwealth may hold the key, yes I'm still in Jubilee spirits!

In the mean time, I am open to suggestions of where I should have my migraine free house. I'm thinking maybe a villa by the calming sea in Italy? Or on the West Coast of America somewhere? Maybe both? Health comes first people....

For more detailed information explaining just a little better than I this exciting new breakthrough check out:


  1. ...on the Amalfi Coast please...or the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!


  2. I like the way you think Jill. Surely there must be some sort of Lottery grant for us? And we can maybe have a team of lovely, understanding Dr's and physio's, and complementary people to do whatever other therapies we like to have on hand to treat us as well....

  3. I've recently been racking my brain on how my location and the climate of that location affects my headaches. My headaches seem to have really started in earnest when I moved to another city about a 3.5 hour's drive southeast of where I was raised and had lived all my life (on the Canadian prairies). I've been watching barometric pressure differences between the 2 places lately, to see if that behaves differently where I live now, but so far haven't really noticed anything of note yet. This whole wind idea gives me something to think about though. I would be willing to bet the city I'm living in now is much windier than where I came from.
    Non-wind related, but you may find this interesting, I spent 3 weeks in England (mostly in the west midlands), and my headaches got increasingly bad during my time there. Humidity? Difference in elevation? I'm going to have to think about this... Nicole


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