Friday, 6 July 2012

Champagne Migraine Diet!

Picture sourced by the fabulous Hudson Meredith

Um, so in the interest of um Science, for the greater migraine community, I am willing to put myself through a "Champagne Migraine Diet". I can't really drink wine but I can drink the odd glass of Champagne quite happily. It has been suggested this is psychological. I can't help that my migraine has expensive tastes. But I must confess to having had the odd Champagne migraine (even though I would argue that white wine and Champagne are very different commodities.) 

The visit to the Dietician (which I'll write about properly) did result in me cutting out gluten, and as I already don't do dairy, I think it only fair to add in more Champagne. I'll let you know the results of this most scientific and serious of experiments one day soon. Good weekend. 

p.s I must add that the Dietician did not suggest the "Champagne Migraine Diet" - it is entirely a creation of my own genius! 

Serious Medical Note:
Please don't all get drunk - alcohol really can trigger a lot of migraines. Drink responsibly. 


  1. this is the most UNUSUAL blog post I have come across.I totally believe your experience and we who suffer must try anything and everything. Thanks for adding the last remark about not getting drunk.

    Hey, come to think of it. I've started taking an "essence" which is alcohol based. And I take it everyday - I'll bet I take about 20 drops of it. And I am getting better and better :)

    See my site for some more tricks:

  2. Actually I'm not regular drinker. But I wandered to see the news that "Champagne Migraine Diet". It influenced me to take "Champagne" for diet control. For details information I've visited your website and truly there are so much writing this article has on it. Thanks for this wonderful post.
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