Sunday, 2 September 2012

Migraine Awareness Week!! It's here!!

(2nd -  8th September)

What does this mean? Well it means the good folk at The Migraine Trust, The National Migraine Centre and Migraine Action have lots of information packs, good ideas and top tips for you to share and spread around like butter. Click on the links provided, check their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds and get sharing!

Here at migraine monologues I have a bevy of delights ready for the week. Posts will, hopefully, include:

I’ve asked migraineurs of all ages and types to describe their migraines, including a special guest video post from Skulls & Ponies. The results might surprise you, head pain is not always the worst symptom. 

Some brave migraineurs have willingly taken pictures of themselves at their worst: in bed with a migraine. But because this sounds depressing, and migraineurs are super cool individuals who can achieve wonders, there are also pictures of these same migrainuers at their best, i.e looking fabulous whilst rock climbing.

Migraine Rituals and Top Tips.
When migraines are a common part of life it’s handy to have a ‘ritual’ in place for when the next one strikes. I’m not talking some kind of religious ritual, more a fixed set of actions, including having certain comfort foods to hand, that I know will help with my pain.

In the mighty USA September 10th-16th is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. It so nearly coincides with Migraine Awareness Week and as Migraine is an invisible illness I’m stealing one of their ‘prompts’ and I’d love others to use it too. They have something called a ‘meme’, which is simply a list of questions about life with your invisible illness, all you do is answer them! Some of the questions are quite funny, such as “My favourite medical TV show is:_______”  Why don’t you fill in the meme and I’ll share it here or you can share it on their site?

Other exciting posts will include: The Truth About Elvis Presley's Death! Travelling and Migraine - why I wont meet my husband on plane. Migraine Mecca: The National Migraine Centre. To be honest, I think I'll have to declare it National Migraine Awareness Month (MAM) in order to get through this lot but I'll try.

I’ll be Tweeting @migrainemonolog (I'll use the hashtag #MAW) and Facebooking like mad with facts and figures about this neurological disorder that is migraine. Facts and Figures such as in the UK there are an estimated 190,000 migraine attacks everyday. And, in the UK approximately 8 million people suffer from migraine!!! 

It’s not too late to get involved, if you want to be included in any of the posts I’m doing send me an email at but more importantly enlighten your friends, family and people you sit next to on the train about the reality of living with migraine.

More useful links for Migraine Awareness Week:
The Migraine Trust - they also have fabulous fact sheets and pages of statistics that you can share during the week via Facebook and Twitter. 
The National Migraine Centre
Email Rebecca Sterry ( for the Centre's latest Newsletter with up-to-date information and ideas for the week ahead!

What are you going to be doing for Migraine Awareness Week? Why don't you start by reading and sharing 22 Things About Migraines You May Not Know

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