Friday, 23 November 2012

Jordin 'Sparks' interest in Migraine with Excedrin - & courts controversy

Jordin Sparks, the youngest winner of American Idol (the American version of X-Factor) has bravely put her name behind an over the counter migraine medication. Somehow it just seems slightly cooler than if, say, Rylan was to do the same thing. However, it is rumoured that another of this years X Factor contestants, Carolynne Poole, has struggled with migraines. Migraleve take note...

But back to Sparks. Last week Excedrin Migraine launched a huge campaign, including a new website with a Migraine Trigger App that you can even buy on i-Tunes. I haven't had a chance to check out the website fully but I applaud their efforts in getting migraine awareness out into the world, specifically the idea that we need to track our own individual triggers.

I also applaud Jordin Sparks for having the guts to own up, publicly, to suffering with migraines. Many celebrities refuse to do so believing that their careers and reputation will suffer. I understand this fear but the more of us (do you like how I lump myself with the celebs) talk openly about migraine the less taboo it will become. As I've written before, I'm pretty sure no-one would dare tell Serena Williams that having migraines makes you a wimpy, neurotic, hypochondriac who will never achieve anything with your life.

Which brings me to one negative aspect of the Excedrin Migraine campaign. This was brought to my attention by one of my favourite migraine bloggers, The Daily Headache. Kerry pointed out that the Excedrin advert featured the "fact" that:

 "Two-thirds of women would give up shopping at their favorite store for a year to stop their migraine attacks"

I'm not even going to bother talking about why this is so stupid, and once again perpetuates the myth that the only people who get migraines are women who clearly have nothing else to do but shop, as Kerry did a fabulous job in her post. She even launched a Twitter revolution and Excedrin ended up changing the 'fact'! Go Kerry!

On the whole, though, this Excedrin campaign is a step in the right direction and it's time that here, in the UK, an equally sparkly star (did you like what I did there?) spoke out like Sparks is doing. Below is a video of her talking about the migraine trigger app. Just imagine if Gary Barlow became the spokesperson for Imigran Recovery.....


  1. Do you watch Dancing on Ice? I remember when Gareth Gates was a contestant they thought he might have to miss a performance due to a migraine. Also Holly Willoughby had to miss a show because of a migraine. Phillip Schofield suffers.

    I've also heard of premiership footballers suffering. Nicky Butt (former Man Utd) used to get temporary loss of sight due to migraines.

    1. Hey JT! I didn't know that about Gareth Gates - very randomly I saw him in a Panto last week with my 6 & 4 year old Nieces and Nephews...he was prince charming.... I knew about Holly Wiloughby and Phillip Schofield. During Migraine Awareness Week I tweeted them both but they didn't reply....sob! With a lot of well known Actors who suffer it's often their agents who are not wanting to let them get involved in charity work as it could give them a rep as being un-reliable, which I understand, but find frustrating. There are a lot of migraineurs out there....we just need the brave ones to come forward! I'll keep stalking them... Russell Brand is another apparently....


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