Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Migraine Monologue Book Club!!

Oprah, it's over.

Richard and Judy, don't even bother. 

Good citizens of the word, a new, exciting Book Club is about to explode into your lives.  Yes, that's right today I can officially announce that THE MIGRAINE MONOLOGUES BOOK CLUB is open for business!!!!!!

A greasy looking Chipster kitten, getting stuck into an article about
Agatha Christie, one of his favourite Authors.
The MM Book Club is a Book Club with a difference. The name may have given it away. We will, mostly, be exploring and enjoying books, articles, essays, films, paintings (who says a Book Club HAS to restrict itself to books?) that are, in some way, related to migraines. 

Doesn't that sound like fun!?

And you, dear readers, will form a (voluntary) Review Panel, who will take it in turns to write a main review article that will be the basis of the on-line, virtual, Book Club discussion. 

I have big plans for this sucker, including non virtual, and virtual talks from Authors, world domination and more!

Reading about migraine, even listening to fictional audio books where a character suffers from a chronic pain condition, has been so enlightening and comforting for me and is, I believe, vital to living with this bugger of a thing called migraine. 

I've set up a new permanent page (just look up the top, see?) for the MM Book Club which will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know including: What? When? Why? How? 

Most importantly, checking out that page will reveal the identity of the first book! But I'm so excitied I'll just tell you now!! 

"Migraine" by Oliver Sacks

I'm sure many of you have already read it, so there's no reason not to join in the first, life changing, MM Book Club meeting which will probably be @16th April 2013

To join the MM Book Club (but by the way anyway can join), to volunteer to join the Review Panel, to learn more about what the heck is going on click here or just email me at! 

Happy Reading People! Let's take over the Book Club world! xx


  1. Victoria, I am PUMPED about this book club. I freaking love books! There's one YA novel about a girl living with type 1 diabetes that I've been meaning to write a review of over on my blog, Miss Migraine, and I just read another book that's kind of relevant that I want to review.

    Anyway, my point is, I put in a request for this book from my library and I can't wait to discuss it with everyone! Because I am a book nerd! I will blog about the book club, too, when I get more than 1 second to take a breath (migraines have me behind on my school work, surprise!)

    There are way too many exclamation points in this comment.

    1. Hi Kelly!!! Yay - I read some of your book reviews so was hoping you'd be joining in - I was actually going to tweet you about this! More exclamation points I say.

      Really keen to hear more about your suggestions, I also recently found out about a migraineur who has written a book featuring 2 sisters who go missing (who have migraines) - fiction - and I've just befriended another author who gets migraine whose about to publish her first book too so that could be fun. But I love the idea of a YA novel too....I think we might need some lighter reading after the Sacks....


  2. I just bought the Oliver Sacks book a few days ago :-) It's on my kindle. I haven't started it yet, because I've been in bed with my eyes shut... There's a book I read a long time ago that I have been trying to recall. It's about a teenage girl who suffers migraine and is a pianist. There's something about her migraines and her talent being interdependent. I'm fairly sure it was a British book from the 80s. Does it sound familiar to anyone?

    1. Oooh that sounds really interesting, I must admit I'm finding that Sachs a little dry but I keep reminding myself that Hilary Mantel says it is one of the books that changed her life! But I think next time would be nice to have a real contrast - fiction/art etc - I have a few ideas but think would be good to have a good selection to vote on - and we have all the time and can do lots! Be great if anyone can work out what this one is though...

  3. I'm feeling a bit too spaced out getting used to the topiramate to start on the Sacks just yet - and part of me is more interested in reading his Hallucinations book first as that's a newer (and therefore somewhat more fascinating to me) symptom I've developed. Has anyone else found that each decade brings new variations to their migraines? You're 10! Wow! Double figures! Now you'll get migraine hangovers instead of feeling great after a good sleep! 20 already? How time flies! Your gift from the migraine fairy is to lose the power of speech. 30! Happy Birthday! You're a mum now, so you get to shout out random words and talk complete shite so you can totally freak out your kids. And 40...well, life begins at 40! Now you get the good stuff! Bring on the hallucinations!
    ANYWAY... (I got a little side-tracked there) I have just been searching for migraine related fiction on amazon, thinking I could join in the spirit of the book club even though my brain is like cotton wool. Firstly, why all the books tagged as 'erotica - weird sex'? Is it to do with that article you read, Victoria? We don't just have to have a little hanky-panky when we feel an aura start, we have to swing from the chandeliers in thigh-high boots??

    Then I found a 'witty depiction of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche' and his on-going battle with migraine. Witty. The word 'comic' was also used. I may be a little over-sensitive right now, but I think other adjectives could have been chosen. I'm not buying that one. On principle. I'm going with a cheap thriller about migraines holding some kind of secret code. It may make me feel important. Oh, and I'm taking the day off work, because last night I started with muscle twitches and loud random noises. Assuming it's the meds and hoping it's a temporary thing, as I'm a teacher!

    1. Hey Jammy Jo - you are my hero for even attempting to teach whilst starting Topamax. I hope you've warned your students!! Re the Sacks migraine book - if you go to chapter on migraine and auara there are actually a lot of case studies about visual stuff that you might find useful/interesting.

      I like the sound of the thriller migraine book. let me know how you get on with that one - and rest up and hope you don't feel too frazzled today! x

  4. Nah, I'm nobody's hero ;-) I have great teaching assistants who've got my back. The other day I opened my mouth and just had some noise fall out instead of what I had been meaning to say. Could have been messy, but we did a passable cover-up between us and the kids just thought it was a joke. Think it helps that they are fabulously nutty themselves and firmly believe all teachers are quite mad anyway :-D

    1. God bless teachers! Lots of people have troubles with words - or even speaking complete gobbledegook when starting Topamax, I was quite lucky as started on v, v, v, low dose.


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