Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Migraine Skull Art - Chapman Brothers new sculpture

An article in this Sundays Observer caught my attention.

Journalist Laura Barnett, herself a migraineur, interviewed notorious artist Dinos Chapman about his current exhibit. The article opens with:

"Dinos Chapman knows a thing or two about migraines. As a child, he got one at least three times a week - "on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays," he recalls, grimacing. "And birthdays and Christmases and the first days of holidays. They were the vomity, shitty, explosive kind – the worst." Now, he gets them more rarely, but they've evolved into something stranger: "They're these quite surreal, visual and mental distortions that aren't actually painful, but they're really weird." 

Turns out Laura was there to interview Dinos because the brothers new sculpture is called 'Migraine'. It is an actual human skull, which Laura describes as "characteristically grisly, featuring hundreds of tiny men writhing from the eye and mouth sockets." The Chapman Brothers were commissioned to create this new work by a London gallery for an exhibition called Memento Mori

I checked out the exhibitions' website and found a picture of the sculpture. What do you all think? 

Taken from
Migraine, 2013 by Jake & Dinos Chapman. 


  1. This sculpture sums up everything about the dreaded migraine attack....I should know!

  2. Doesnt seem to be related to any of the migraines I have...

  3. think, there is more to this sculpture than migraine! like Gill it doesnt relate to any of the migraines ive had the last 30 years!

  4. I don't see my migraine in it . . . but migraine is different for everyone


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