Friday, 28 June 2013

Cindy McCain on Migraine: 36 Million Campaign

Cindy Lou McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, has had a well documented history of health problems. Not many know, however, that she has - for more than 20 years - suffered with migraines.

She recently appeared on The Today programme to launch the 36 Million Migraine Campaign, with The American Migraine Foundation, with the hopes of raising money for migraine research. The idea is that if each of the estimated 36 million migraine sufferers in the USA, or someone who knows or cares for them, gives just a $1, then a substantial sum of money will have been raised for research. Maybe we should launch an 8 Million Migraine Campaign here in the UK!

You can watch Mrs McCain here, or below, the segment also features another sufferer who has found some relief via Botox. What do all think?

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1 comment:

  1. I wish more people of profile would speak up about migraines! It's interesting to hear her talk about the campaign. She is right about the meds though - we get leftovers haha!


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