Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Leeches to be used for Migraine Treatment?

The Daily Mail has done it again.

I nearly spat out my soy chai tea latte when I read this headline "Emma Parker Bowles cures her headaches with leeches." I'm actually (secretly) addicted to the DM online - how they manage to keep  updated - to the second - with the latest celeb gossip is a marvel! And I was even featured in a DM article about migraine myself, so I do not pass judgment. I was spitting out my hot beverage due to the use of leeches!! (Let's just ignore the use of the word 'cure'...they need to draw in readers after all.)

PB having leeches! Photo by Michelle Thorpe from DM Article 

Af first I could not quite believe that a sensible person, such as Miss Parker Bowles, was submitting to such a medieval method. But then I remembered that leeches have recently been used in modern contexts and the article revealed that the saliva of the little suckers:

"contains a large number of analgesic, anaesthetic, and blood-thinning compounds that tackle pain and inflammation, say researchers"

So maybe it's not so crazy after all. I know I'll do anything to get rid of my migraines;  actually I thought I had tried everything from a hands on healer to Botox but clearly I've missed out! Miss Parker Bowles had 4 leeches put on her head, for a total 40 minutes. The description in the article is quite graphic, it's not for the faint hearted. Apparently, a total of 3 treatments is suggested for maximum effect. Since her first round she hasn't had a migraine and has felt great! I'd love to know how long ago this actually was - i.e 2 weeks, or 2 months? I'm also curious why it's said to help migraines. If a form of paralysis is induced by the leeches, could it, perhaps (I'm completely guessing here) be a natural, mini form of Botox... somehow? If anyone has any experience (or medical knowledge of this) do get in touch.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has had leech therapy or, hirudotherapy, to give it it's proper name! Did it work for you? Did it hurt? Did you feel sad when the little leeches had to get euthanised at the end of the treatment....

Full article:

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