Friday, 7 June 2013

Migraine Films via Youtube Film Hack 2013 & The Migraine Trust

Stop what you're doing.

Something monumental is happening in the world of migraine.

Check out the Migraine Trust's Youtube Channel and watch as short films about migraine (plus some ads for the films) are being added. This is all part of a massive event called Film Hack 2013 that is revolving around migraine sufferers and The Migraine Trust.

I'll explain all about how and why this incredible opportunity came to be soon  - but right now I want you all to watch. And share. Proudly share these videos with everyone you know on facebook and twitter. Let's start a movement. Email your Granny and ex boyfriend, your cousin and that annoying Aunt.

This is it people. This is the moment that the world is going to start taking migraine sufferers seriously. Because it's not just a headache. And thanks to Youtube and some of the most creative brains in the advertising industry we have some incredible videos to SHOW people that it's not imaginary.

p. s You might recognise some familiar faces in these films.....ahem.
p.p.s I'm only sharing the above film as I can't work out how to share them all and well - I'm in the above one...but I advised on a few and they're ALL AMAZING!!!!!

Much more about all of this, including a 'behind the scenes' to follow! 


  1. Rather surprised at the film as hoped to would be more educational!

    Think it makes us migraineurs out to be hyperchondiacs if that's all you can come up with!

    There are millions of people who suffer with conditions that theyd rather have a bucket of water over their head than suffer!

    Makes migraines look rather pathetic!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I think you'll like this video better


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