Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Migraineur Of The Month: Mr June!!! On YOUTUBE....

Inspired by all the exciting Migraine Films that came out of the YouTube Film Hack in aid of The Migraine Trust (which can be seen here) I decided to do two things: 1. Set up a Migraine Monolouges YouTube Channel (sound the trumpets!) 2. Film Migraineur of the Month (gasp!)

I was actually in the YouTube headquarters when this, seemingly, genius idea sprang upon me. I mean, how hard could it be, to simply film a migraine sufferer for 5 minutes or so? Turns out - it's harder than it looks. But I was surrounded by professional creatives and cameramen from YouTube and from leading Ad Agenices in London - and they were making it look easy and fun. I had already chosen Charles Bosher, from The Migraine Trust, for the GREAT honour of being Mr June Migraineur Of The Month (you can see his evident delight in the film). So all I needed to do was shoot! I had my iPad with me so strode up to Bing (a YouTube content creator) and asked for advice. He kindly suggested that I should take advantage of the copious camera store room - and asked the dashing (French) Charles to assist. Dashing French Charles did indeed assist and kindly set up a Canon X34HJ3*&^TFGUIO! for me and Mr June Charles.

Realising I was, sadly, taking up too much of Dashing French Charles' time I confidently assured him I could easily handle the actual filming itself. "Pas de problem Charrrrles. I can point and focus this thing!". Oh je regrette becauoup. As you will see in the below video, Mr June himself is slightly blurry and out of focus. But fear not - the video is still watchable and enjoyable. I'm in focus! Also, the only reason I have my sunglasses on my head is because my hair was wet when I first put them on my head - so removing them I found my fringe had taken on a slightly "There's Something About Mary" quiff. Also, I had something in my contact lense the entire time which is why I appear to have a squint. Apart from that it's a really brilliant video which I know you're going to LOVE. Oh, and I also can't quite work out how to edit these things - but I'm very proud of the fact that I've managed to get words scrolling ontop of the screen. Oh yes.

So - now you're all excited - may I present Mr June - Charles Bosher - Migraineur Of The Month!

(Apologies to Bing and Dashing French Charles! I feel a little bit like I let you down - but next time I'll wow you both, you'll see!)

Issues/Medications mentioned in the video:
Medication Over Use Headache -  http://www.migrainetrust.org/medication-overuse-headache

NSAID - Naproxen - http://www.webmd.boots.com/migraines-headaches/migraine-in-adults-naproxen

Imipramine - http://www.drugs.com/mtm/imipramine.html

Please talk to your personal Medical Practitioner about any of the medications mentioned above - this is not an endorsement or recommendation  Call the Migraine Trust or visit their website for more information on any of the issues raised.

P.S  I can't even work out how to set up my YouTube channel properly! I can't seem to get a profile picture or background picture that has the right pixels? Someone, anyone, help....


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  2. Oh I love the video format of this V! It's fantastic. Such a good format! You could always do this online too using a Google Hangout and streaming it live to YouTube. Then you could embed it in a blog post. Just saying :p (I'm so determined to get you doing a Google Hangout!)

    Charles is fantastic in this interview. It's just mind boggling how us migraine folk "put up" with it for so long and accept the shitty treatment options we are given by GPs. A big ol cheer to headache specialists!


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