Sunday, 20 October 2013

JFK, Sex and Migraines

Happy Sunday all. 

After a little break - while I went on vacation -  normal blogging services shall be resuming. 

Here is a tidbit to amuse you today:

According to a new biography of the fabulous Jackie O, as reported by the Daily Mail, her errant husband - JFK - allegedly said:

"'I get a migraine headache if I don't get a strange piece of a** daily"

Charming. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have said no as he was rather dashing. 

Now this is not the first time The Daily Mail has offered sex as a migraine remedy. I also have a vague recollection of some Italian scientist delving into this matter....

Seriously though, does anyone know if JFK did actually get migraines? On recent said vacation I visited the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas, former site of the Texas School Book Depository. It was a very thoroughly researched collection and I don't recall any mention of migraines..... 

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  1. Interesting seeing sex reported as being preventative, even if it wasn't actually true. From my reading about migraines I've read how for some people having an orgasm is a trigger - how frustrating! For me, the jigging about really isn't good for me head and it's most certainly not a preventative. I think he was probably using that as an excuse for his infidelity - after all, why would have have to be someone other than his wife if it were true - but I'd be interested to know if anyone knows whether e got migraines at all. If he didn't, that line to his wife is infuriating!


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