Saturday, 16 November 2013

Water Challenge Week 3: How much exactly?

I have now discovered why I can never stick to a new diet for more than 3 hours.

I just plain forget about the diet. And, I just plain don't really care.

But I do, really really, want to stick to my water challenge! I installed the app that pings at me every hour with a helpful reminder that I need to drink more - but I simply press 'dismiss'. And then I forget that I should be drinking more. Then I remember and think 'meh'.

This is, clearly, not very productive. I am determined to do the challenge PROPERLY for the final week.

I also now have some better guidance from The National Migraine Centre and The Migraine Trust.

The Medical Director of the National Migraine Centre advised ME to try for 2 Litres on average. This is going to be interesting as I'm barely managing 1ltr. You should, as always, check with your own Doctor before deciding on an amount.

The Migraine Trust pointed me towards some very helpful, fact based, information. They sent me a link to the NHS Choices website  which recommends 1.6ltrs for a female, and they also highlighted the following:

Dr Anne MacGregor’s book ‘Understanding migraine and other headaches’ (Family Doctor Books, 2006) includes the following:

‘Dehydration is a common cause of headache and is also implicated in migraine.  A recent study of increasing daily fluid intake by at least one litre per day showed that increased water intake reduced the total number of hours and intensity of headache episodes’. 

There is, however, no information as to the total amount of water the participants in the above study drank each day overall. Also, go and read Dr MacGregors book RIGHT NOW if you haven't, it's a great 'intro' to migraines. 

So, it appears that I will generally benefit overall if I just drink more bloody water. I am going to do it I tell you, I will! 

Wish me luck. 

p.s If you have any migraine related questions do call the Information and Enquiry Service that the Migraine Trust provide FOR FREE!! Then go and book yourself an appointment at the National Migraine Centre to see a migraine specialist. 


  1. I've found having the app handy to give me reminders so thanks for the intro for that. I set it every 2-3 hours to minimise both attrition reminder apathy and sadness from not getting real texts from actual friends. I have noticed it has highlighted sporadic drinking habits too - I totally thought I was all over dehydration but only on certain days, it turns out! On days I'm a bit rushy or distracted I can not even notice that I have partaken of zero fluids..... :-/ Not ideal.

    Good luck on the challenge!

    1. Hi Emma, I'm really glad the app is helping you! It's interesting when you realise how irregular our water consumption is! Do let me know if you notice a difference in how you're feeling. Keep up the good work!

  2. I really believe that through drinking the right amount of water daily, it can keep our overall body healthier and can eliminate unwanted health issues effectively..

  3. I drink water ALL the time and it doesn't help my migraines at all...
    my boyfriend always gets onto e for 'not drinking' enough... But that's ALL I drink...With the exception of juice for breakfast and 1 soda a day... (caffeine helps relieve some of the throbbing) The meds don't help and I've tried most every med there is, the only one working was Topomax... But now w/o insurance I can no longer afford it... They've done countless tests to find out what causes mine and as of yet... They can't find a thing... I suffer from way more than 15 a month and it's quite frustrating to try and work and raise a family, all while acting like nothing is wrong and there's no pain.... :/

  4. I usually don't "forget" about my diet plan, but my main problem is that I procrastinate a lot. I think, okay when I'll start following my diet plan I will lose weight. But, lets eat pizza for now. :)

    Finn Felton


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