Friday, 8 November 2013

Water Challenge Week Two! In which I forget there is a challenge

Confession: I completely forgot I was doing a Water Challenge for most of this past week.

I suddenly remembered at about 10pm on Sunday but decided that trying to drink 1.6 litres of water, so close to bed time, might lead to a nasty accident. 

Other days I have been very good. On my desk now proudly sit my nalgene and bobble bottle. Combined, they make up exactly the ammount of water I'd like to drink every day. What I have learnt this week is that I have very sporadic drinking patterns. Some days I'll meet my quota without even noticing and others, like Sunday, I'll realise all I've had to drink that day has been two cups of tea. And possibly some Gin. 

You, dear readers, have been much better at the challenge than I. One of my friends posted on twitter that in just one week she's noticed a massive difference; she has more energy, feels less foggy and is sleeping better! Isn't that fantastic?! 

She is using a brilliant app called 'Hydro' - which helps you work out how much water YOU should be drinking. The National Migraine Centre and The Migraine Trust are both going to get back to me re amounts next week - but I'm realising it's a little like asking 'how long is a piece of string?'. As with all things migraines, it's very individual. 

So this next week I shall be using the app (which includes cups of tea etc) to help nudge me on in my quest to become a regular drinker of water! 

I'd love to hear how others are getting on - and thanks for all the support! x


  1. Since starting Topomax I drink so much more! Nothing quenches my thirst, I've always been someone who never felt the need to drink much other than a couple of cans of coke a day, I wish now, anything fizzy now tastes like salt water! Yuk So out of pure thirst I can now polish off a pint of water no problem and welcome all those offers of a cup of tea. The result - the dark circles under my eyes have gone and my skin has improved, I have to get up in the night to use the loo and this proves to everyone that the coca cola has not been causing the migraines just like I said it wasn't ! Why is it hard to drink more? It's never been hard to eat more?

  2. I know - it's so ironic. When I was dying of thirst on Topmax I lived on ice pops - taht got expensive so I froze orange juice in the ice cube tray and i found that really refreshing. But good that you're having some positive side effects??? eek

  3. Are you still taking Topomax? I'm yet to find it working for me, just nasty side effects. Just coming out of a migraine as I type :# what a waste of a weekend, I'm finally emerging and everyone (husband and 2 boys) have gone to bed. Head feels a bit clearer hopefully I won't be talking like Yoda for a while! How often do you get them?

  4. I've been rather headachy and had another migraine at the weekend - worried that I will end up in a Fibro flare I've decided to download the app you've recommended, hopefully it'll help!

    1. Hi! Well it def reminds you to drink more! Do let me know how you get on!


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