Friday, 13 December 2013

Musical Depiction of Migraine: Richard Wagner

Watch this video…

The above video (which I hoped you've now watched) was put together by Doctors at a German Headache Centre. They've discovered (as you'll know because you watched the video - p.s did you slightly laugh at the end as it's so clearly 'choreographed!) that Wagner did, indeed, suffer from severe migraine and aura. Interestingly, they believe that he depicted, if you will, his feelings of migraine in his works - specifically the opera Siegfried. Wagner enthusiasts will no doubt be intrigued to learn that he constantly wore a hat because, during his life time, that was one of the main treatments for headache. If only poor Wagner had been aware of the MigraCap.

Read the fascinating full article in the BMJ which also looks at Wagners' letters and autobiography. Once again, I find it hugely encouraging that despite living with this "compulsive plague!" Wagner was able to achieve great success and produce astonishing works of art.

Wagner geeks - what do you think? Can you 'hear' and 'feel' migraine in some of his works?


  1. Haha I totally laughed at the ending! Interesting to see the opera clips though and see how they relate to us.

    Thanks for sharing :-)


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