Thursday, 16 January 2014

January Resolutions!

Happy 2014 one and all. Did everyone survive the festive season in style?

As usual, my main injuries/problems revolved around Christmas Tree instillation, decoration and removal. But I'll save that fascinating tale for another time.

So, what are your New Year Migraine Resolutions? Here are mine, in no particular order:

Become skinny
Learn French
Get new coat
Get new job
Get new man
Get new bra

And yes, I realise none of these have anything to do with migraine. But surely the purchase of a new coat, which I will be wearing when I speak fluent French, which will of course attract my ideal mate, can only be good for my overall health - which is beneficial to my migraine. Obvious really.

The fabulous Migraine Trust recently asked it's twitter followers what their migraine resolutions would be - their answers were far more sensible. They included:

  1. will try to cut out chocolate & cheese where I can. They tend to be my triggers.
  2. hoping a better diet along with fever few and regulated magnesium and potassium will help with my severe problems 👊
  3. To help my 13 y/o cope with & manage his better. Hard lessons at his age
  4. try & get more sleep/take more vitamins so I don't spend another day like tday :-(

I hope the above people don't mind me pasting their answers here - but they display an interesting array of ideas, problems, triggers and solutions.

I'm resolved to keep fighting the buggers, learn as much as I can about the condition, continue to develop a life that has nothing to do with migraines - and get a new coat. Let's go 2014!

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