Tuesday, 25 March 2014

High Heels and Migraines. Manolo Blahnik we worship.

Oh ye shoe gods….. I always knew there was a reason I was especially riveted by the lustrous beauty of Manolo Blahnik shoes. It turns out Mr Manolo Blahnik, himself, gets migraines.

Once again, this provides further credence to my theory that migraineurs are creative geniuses whose brains are just bursting with, well, genius.

In a recent interview with the Guardian Mr Manolo revealed that:

"Migraines have been with me all my life. They're a part of who I am. I inherited them from my father, and I've made my peace with them."
Picture taken from Guardian Article 

I now fell a great sense of duty to immediately go forth to Westfields (or Sloane Street) to spend a 12 month pay check on a precious pair of Manolo's - simply to support a fellow migraineur. In fact, I wonder if migraineurs get a discount? 


  1. Ooh I love hearing about celebrity migraineurs!

  2. As a physician who gets migraines and loves high heeled shoes....you made my night sharing this story! I love your theory that migraineurs are creative geniuses :) Sending you positive thoughts for healing and for fabulous shoes! Dr. Romie www.brainbodybeauty.com


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