Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Migraine Journey - Migraine Awareness Week Update

Well hello there. It's been a while.

This time last year for Migraine Awareness Week I did a daily blog challenge. But I've been neglecting this blog - because I've been too busy!!  Do you know how exciting it is to be able to say that? When I started this blog I was in the horror grips of chronic migraine, chronic pain and this blog was my life line to sanity - and to many wonderful migraine buddies.

But slowly, slowly - after a lot of serious hard work, various treatments and explorations....I suddenly realised that my migraines had technically become 'episodic'. I will write in more detail about what's been going on in the last year - I will write Topamax Part II I promise, I will also write about the physical rehab that was key for me.

Today, however, I want to share my - 'My Migraine Journey - It's a marathon not a sprint' that the ever fabulous Migraine Trust have just posted. Do check out what they've been doing this week and the new campaign they've launched. Let's make this year count. Let's help other people go from chronic to episodic and stay there. If I can...surely you can too? I'm not saying it's easy and I'm magically 'cured' (ha!) but I'm living the life I never thought I'd be able to three years ago. x

As part of their 50th anniversary campaign The Migraine Trust
are asking sufferers to fill in 'the head' to show what life is like with migraine, and what it would be like without. 


  1. Congratulations Victoria, it's good to see your hard work pay off. Love the idea of a "personal migraine goal".
    Wonderful piece for the Migraine trust. May I suggest an additional "piece of knowledge"? It's not just about the triggers. Think of your brain's "migraine factory" as having a threshold, above which the factory kicks into gear to produce a migraine. If the cumulative effect of your triggers at any time goes above this threshold you know what happens. Of course you try to reduce the triggers, but it is just as important to raise the threshold. Prophylactic medications (and supplements), a good healthy, consistent lifestyle and crucially, a restful night of deep sleep all raise the threshold. Poor sleep, irregular meals, rebounding medications, etc. lower it. Ironically, having a migraine lowers your threshold for the next one for a couple of days which is often how these chronic daily migraine patterns emerge.
    What makes it tricky is that the triggers and threshold are always changing; one time something will trigger a migraine, the next time it won't. Frustrating!
    Keep up the good work spreading the word.

  2. My girlfriend's migraines often are correlated to her menstrual cycle. Sometimes she gets them randomly, as well. She started taking natural herbs and minerals to help with them. These include feverfew, magnesium,riboflavin, butterbur (PA free), and coenzyme Q10. is a good source of information for migraines in general. It also has a description of each of these supplements and explains why they help. She's been taking them for 6 weeks and says her migraines have not been as severe as they were before. Research says it takes up to 3 months for best results. She wanted to go the all natural route to avoid any unhealthy side effects. Hope this helps!!!


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