Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Video - Migraine is the great time thief. Migraine Awareness Week 2015

Hello beautiful people!

It's that time of year again - MIGRAINE AWARENESS WEEK! Whoop Whoop. The lovely folk over at the brilliant Migraine Trust have asked for people to make short videos describing the impact migraine has on their life.

My attempt at 'vlogging' is below. I had a bad migraine during the night so am in the grips of mega migraine hangover while I'm talking, hence the slightly slow speech (those who know me well know I talk at the super speed of light) and no make up and droopy left eye. Attractive.

I honestly didn't mean this to be depressing. But I do like the fact that I use about ten different metaphors here....thought provoking!

But seriously, don't let the Time Thief win. Don't suffer in silence, demand the help you need and don't stop until you've got the help and support you need -  because only then can you truly learn to live with migraine - not at it's beck and call.

To get involved and post your own video click here for further details. But all you have to do is record a short video (max. 30 seconds) answering the question "What impact does migraine have on you?".  The next step is to post your video to Facebook and/or Twitter using #migraine2015.  Remember to tag - @MigraineTrust on Twitter or The Migraine Trust on Facebook.

Have a happy healthy day! I look forward to seeing all your videos.

Victoria x
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