Migraineur Of The Month

Meet the Mighty Migraineurs Hall of Fame!

These fabulous pins-up each have words of wisdom, world peace and top tips to share. Read their courageous migraine stories, from the best advice they've ever received, to the worst assumptions that have been made about them. Do you share any of their triggers, or any of their migraine comforts? Either way I'm sure you'll agree that these women should all be Queen for a Year! (p.s this will make sense when you read their posts)

If you would like to nominate someone to be Migraineur Of The Month just send me their details!

Click on the Month links, to read about:

Miss May! (2013)
The amazingly talented Migraine Chickie

Miss April! (2013
The lovely Emily of www.thatmword.com

Miss February! (2013)
The incredible Fran of www.skullsandponies.com

Miss January! (2013)
The feisty Suzanne of www.suzannecollier.com

Miss December!  (2012)
The courageous Hannah of www.spansstudio.co.uk

 Miss November!  (2012)   
The fabulous Claire of www.claireabellemakes.com


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