Oprah, it's over.

Richard and Judy, don't even try. A new Book Club is about to take the world by storm.

Yes lovely people, The Migraine Monologue Book Club has finally arrived! Woo hoo. Now, I know a virtual book club revolving around migraines may not, at first, sound all that enticing but wait till you hear what I have in store.

What is the MM Book Club?
The MM Book Club is a virtual, on-line Book Club that will review and then discuss a book, painting, essay, or maybe even a piece of art that is, in some way, connected to migraine. The Author, for example, may have suffered from migraines. i.e Virginia Woolf, who has written essays on living with pain, in addition to her stunning novels. Or a novel which depicts migraine, or chronic illness, through it's characters (though these are few and far between.) We will, of-course, explore the plethora of Patient and Doctors books devoted solely to migraines, such as the inaugural book!

A different member of the Review Panel (formed of you, dear readers) will write the main review (critique of the book) that will form the centrepiece of the on-line discussion. This way, those who haven't read the book, or had the chance to finish, can still join in the discussion. To volunteer to write the main review, to join the Review Panel, simply email me, details of how to join in are below.

The Aim
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to migraines. We have to educate ourselves on this condition and I know I've learnt so much through (careful) reading and research. It's also helped me realise that I'm not alone. I'm also hoping this will be vaguely enjoyable!

One day, maybe the MM Book Club could even have guests talks (none virtually & virtually) from Authors of the books we've read, so we can learn and share even more about living with migraine. (I might even have a sneaky plan shaping up for this...)

Who Can Join?
Anyone and everyone! You don't have to be a migraineur, maybe you're a caregiver, or know someone who suffers and want to learn more. Like migraines themselves, the MM Book Club is open to absolutely anyone. Though I guess it helps if you can read. Actually, I'll probably be listening to a lot of books myself so...

When Does It Happen?
We'll aim for the first week of every other month, i.e every 2 months at 6pm GMT & 1pm EST. But I know that migraines can make reading/listening etc and getting life organised tricky so deadlines can shift. Check in with this page for updates.

Who Chooses The Next Book?
Maybe the person who wrote the main review? Should the MM Book Club Review Panel vote? Or just General public vote? Thoughts?

To keep costs low, we'll try to find books, essays, paintings, films etc that are easily and cheaply assessable, through your library, on-line, kindles, e-books, audio etc etc.

The first 'meeting' was held in a password protected chatroom and that worked so well we've decided to do it again! Just follow the simple directions below to join in! 

1. Click here to enter the chat room: MMBook Club (will open in a new window)
2. Enter Password: mmbookclub
3. Join in our incredible, life changing discussion! 

I'll always post the upcoming book etc on THIS page, as well as links to past discussions.

To join the MM Book Club, or be on the Review Panel email me at

Let the reading begin!

Upcoming Dates, Past Reviews & Discussions:

Next book:

2014 (date TBA) 
The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Click to buy via Amazon or Audible 

  • October 2013, 'Migraine and other Headaches' by Dr Fontebasso

Read the review and link to our discussion here

Past Discussions/Reviews:

  • August 13th (1pm EST/USA & 6pm UK) ON BEING ILL, by Virginia Woolf AND
          LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (the film).

To read our review click here

  • June 10th  2013 A BRAIN WIDER THAN THE SKY by Andrew Levy. 

          To read our review click HERE, to check out our discussion click HERE

  • April 16th 2013 MIGRAINE by Oliver Sacks (revised edition). To read the review click here & to check out our discussion click here


  1. It might be because I have a migraine at the moment, but that book seems pretty hard going. I found a free version of the older print on Google Books and browsed through the first few chapters.

    Brilliant idea of the club though. I will certainly keep an interested eye on the gems that you find.

    1. Hey! Yeah, I've been putting off reading it for years - nothing like a book club to motivate one to read - but it's a v famous tome - and seems to divide opinion so I thought it might be interesting to start with - plus a friend of mine had just brought it! I think something more uplifting or light for next time, deff! Maybe even a film...or short essay!

  2. I'm SO in, but may not be able to participate directly in the first session. I've got a Botox treatment scheduled on that day, but I'm sure I can at least write my thoughts on the blog.

    Love the idea of film, painting, art etc. even thinking about Alice in Wonderland from the perspective that Llewis Carrol suffered from migraine with aura...that changes the perspective on a classic tale. However, I'm sure we can all relate to "going down the rabbit hole" of migraine. Also I like the idea of works that explore chronic illnesses too.

    1. Hey Patricia, love this idea! Might be fun to have a Llewis Carrol themed month somehow, spin off that idea - i.e maybe rather than just only read the classic text look at other interpretations or films of it? But maybe I'm getting carried away! Really hope the Botox goes well! I think it will probably take a few sessions to get our method sorted but I really hope people will interact via comments here after the main review, and maybe via a life twitter chat or something - or maybe some other trendy forum! x

  3. Victoria, I LOVE this idea! I was also thinking Lewis Carrol would be a good read.

    I think reading books about famous migraineurs, like Thomas Jefferson or Elvis, might be interesting too, especially if the biography mentions their struggle with migraine.

    I read "The Divided Mind," and it was very controversial, but I'd love to hear what other migraineurs think of it. I am also reading "The Migraine Brain" and find it to be a good, fairly easy read. Teri's book would be great too!!

    1. Hey Emily! Yeah - oh a biography on Elvis could be cool, combined with listening to his music, I've got a half written blog about his death that I started after reading one of Teri's entries about that! Her book would also be really interesting and useful too, I read that last year.

      I must confess that I was slightly disappointed with "The Migraine Brain" - but maybe I'd been placing too much expectation on it - I found it a bit repetitive? I also think it's so interesting that each specialist, neurologist, has their own opinion, ideas on how migraines should be treated - but this is why this is going to be so useful/interesting - and I did get some useful ideas/tips from it no doubt.

      I also think I've just found a novel about two sisters who have migraine, written by a migraineur! Keep the ideas coming. Yay! x

  4. I've ordered it from the library so hopefully I'll get it and read it in time. Book club is a great idea!!!

    1. Hey Daisy, sorry only just saw this! How are you getting on with it - I'm dipping in and out and finding some useful bits? Will be posting an update sooonn

    2. After many failed attempts of getting it from the library, I've picked it up from the library at the university where I work instead :) I got it yesterday so I've not got much chance before the 16th now to read it so I think I'll dip in and out a bit and see what others say about it on the 16th :)

    3. Hi Daisy! Yay - I'm actually dipping in and out of it myself - looking at bits that apply, the history etc - and in the chat we can sugests bits that are good/bad! Just be great to have you in on that chat anyway! Yay! x

  5. Hi Victoria, I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! I bought this book in my second year of Uni & have never read it! I would love to be involved in the book club, but how will it work for those who are unable to participate on the day but wish to contribute? x

    1. Hey! oh fabulous! I know I've been meaning to read this book for years but have always put it off too. Well the thought is that those who can't make the actual discussion will be able to read and leave comments on the main article/review that I'll post on the blog here - and that main review will also be the starting point for the discussion on the day I guess. Plus the conversation on the chat room will still be open for those who want to see what people said/thought afterwards....if that makes any sense! And going forward maybe we'll have to work out a day that works for people i/e the 2nd wed every other month or something so we can all plan? x

  6. I'm going to miss the chat tomorrow because of an appointment with my headache specialist (ironic, yes?) and then work.

    It would be awesome if you could post a transcript of the chat on the blog so those of us who can't make the chat can still read about everyone's reactions to the book!

    1. Hi Kelly, so sorry you wont make the chat tomorrow but VERY good excuse! Hope the appointment goes well. I will deff transcribe the chat or I'll put up a link as I think you can just click on it and see what goes on...I'll check! Speak soon :)

  7. Hi, Victoria. I was just wondering if there is a Twitter hashtag you've designated for sharing info / promoting the Book Club. If so, I'd love to start using it when I Tweet about it. Thanks!

    1. Hi! I've been using #MMBookclub - but Migrainebookclub would work too I guess. Thank you SO much for your amazing promotion work - feels like such a bonus having you on board this month! x

    2. Hi Victoria

      When will the next MM Book Club be? Have bought the Virginia Woolf book and watched the film, so just need to know when to write the blog by?



      P.S. Going into hospital for a five day stay at the beginning of August to see if over-use headache is an issue. Anyone else tried this?


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