So maybe you've been newly diagnosed with this thing called migraine and you've no idea what that really means, or what to do about it? Or maybe you've been living with this bugger of a condition for a while but you want to learn more? On this page you'll find links to posts I've written (remember I'm not a Doctor) with BASIC information about living with migraine, treating migraine and where to get help. I'll constantly add to this page so keep checking in...


On the TRIED & TESTED page you'll find links to some great resources including some of my favourite migraine books. Yes, you should read about this condition and learn everything you can about YOUR migraine. We're all different. You'll also find links to some migraine diaries (if you don't keep one START RIGHT THIS SECOND). Just remember to get help and don't stop fighting till you get it, you deserve it, and don't suffer in silence because that is just silly.

To the right you'll see 'Useful Links' - they're useful! I especially recommend THE MIGRAINE TRUST, THE NATIONAL MIGRAINE CENTRE, MIGRAINE ACTION, MIGRAINE.COM &  The American Headache Society & ACHE for reliable sources of information.


Topamax Post

Medication Over-Use Headache

My comfort tips

Botox Posts - my own experience & others

The Spring TMS Device


A series of videos from the National Migraine Centre explaining what happens during a migraine and how to treat it. 

Generally this is what the whole blog is about - life with migraine - so go to the 'Home' page and dip in and out of old posts - but the below highlights specific issues that affect most migraineurs.

Migraine in the workplace

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  1. living with migrine is terrible.and people that thanks God,do not suffer from it don't have any idea.


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